At the heart of what we do is the belief that good food can only come from contented, healthy animals raised compassionately on land that is managed regeneratively to provide a diverse and natural diet. 

Combining modern with traditional methods, we practice holistic planned grazing, silvo pasture and forest gardening. We manage the land to promote pasture diversity, multi-species hedgerows and browsing trees where our cows can find nourishment and medicinal plants.

What is Smiling Tree Farm?

Smiling Tree is a haven: for the farm animals that are raised here; for the wildlife that lives or passes through; and for the people that visit or stay.

The farm's permanent pastures, wildflower meadows, herbal leys and large forest garden are brought to life by our ethos of integration with nature, connection with the land, respectful treatment of the animals and regeneration of the soil.

There is a magical feeling when you arrive, breathe the clear air and imbibe the magnificent views. The produce from the farm embodies this unique environment in its depth of flavour, exceptional nutritional value and positive energy. 

Life on the farm ebbs and flows with the seasons and is continuously evolving through experience, thoughtful planning, design and investment


Our Values & Vision

Our vision is to produce food naturally from contented animals, and to provide that food to like-minded people who take seriously both their health and the honestly sustainable production of food.

Our values include:

  • Prioritising the regeneration of resilient and biologically balanced soil 
  • Rearing healthy, contented animals on a natural diet and using those animals to build organic matter, improve soil health and sequester carbon back into the ground
  • Conserving and protecting native wildlife
  • Not using artificial fertilisers, herbicides or other chemical sprays or routine medications
  • Generating our own energy and conserving water
  • Aiming for a closed-loop system
  • Creating a beautiful and harmonious environment
  • Sharing our knowledge, experiences and environment with those who care

About Christine Page

A passionate cook, health nut and nature lover, Christine has been a long-time believer that food is thy medicine.

In 2006, realising that there was a lot more to healthy, tasty food than simply buying organic, she escaped the rat race and moved to the beautiful rolling hills of south Shropshire to embark upon her third career. That proved to be the start of a profound, enlightening and ongoing journey to learn a way of life connected to the land.

Here she lovingly takes care of her animals to yield highly specialised grass-fed meat and raw dairy products, which are sold to those people who seek out heavenly, healthy food that comes from happy animals. To sustain the household, guests and volunteers, Christine also grows vegetables, fruits and nuts in both a perennial forest garden and annual garden beds.

The blogs on this website chart her progress from the early days of smallholding through the development of the farm and on... it is the public face of a private journey.

Christine Page and her foundation Jersey cow

Where we are

The farm sits within the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty just on the English side of Offa's Dyke.

We are hidden up a valley on the slopes of an Iron Age hillfort amidst the breath-taking scenery of rolling hills, open countryside and woods. The views are wonderful, down the Redlake River, over the ancient ridge road towards Wales and up to Caer Caradoc, a secluded ancient monument.

The area is an astronomer's delight with almost no light pollution and on a clear night millions of stars bejewel the sky and the constellations are clearly visible.