Dairying Course 2020

I will be teaching this micro-dairy course with Simon Fairlie at Monkton Wyld Court on 9 & 10 Sep 2020. To find out more please download the flyer.

Events educational visits



Want to learn more about what we do? Find out about regenerative agriculture, keeping a house cow, running a micro-dairy or what's magic about mob-grazing. Visit us at Smiling Tree Farm.

Soil Health PART 3

Three-part series written for the Country Smallholding magazing in 2019. This third and last part covers how to keep your livestock healthy naturally through good grazing practice and access to diverse pastures and browsing for self-medication.

Soil Health PART 2

Three-part series written for the Country Smallholder magazine in 2019. This second part covers how to calculate grazing requirements for your livestock and how to make a grazing plan.

Soil Health PART 1

Three-part series written for the Country Smallholding magazine in 2019. This first part looks at the soil food web, how it functions & how grazing impacts soil health.

Dairy holding at Smiling Tree Farm


2019 Volunteering Opportunity

Are you interested in finding out more about what we do at Smiling Tree Farm? How we turn sunlight into delicious, nutritious, planet hugging, wildlife loving, regenerative, high welfare, organic meat and milk from contented, certified 100% grass-fed animals? Are you willing to roll up your sleeves to help out with some of the annual maintenance work? If so, then we have a volunteering opportunity here at Smiling Tree Farm that may interest you.

How carbon moooves


Carbon Mooooves

On average each of us humans breathes out 1kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) every day, the larger you are or the more you exercise, the more CO2. So why don’t we consider human metabolism to be a cause of climate change? After all, there are 7.6 billion of us, that’s a lot of CO2 hitting the atmosphere each day.

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