Dairying Course 2020

I will be teaching this micro-dairy course with Simon Fairlie at Monkton Wyld Court on 9 & 10 Sep 2020. To find out more please download the flyer.

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Want to learn more about what we do? Find out about regenerative agriculture, keeping a house cow, running a micro-dairy or what's magic about mob-grazing. Visit us at Smiling Tree Farm.

Dairy holding at Smiling Tree Farm


2019 Volunteering Opportunity

Are you interested in finding out more about what we do at Smiling Tree Farm? How we turn sunlight into delicious, nutritious, planet hugging, wildlife loving, regenerative, high welfare, organic meat and milk from contented, certified 100% grass-fed animals? Are you willing to roll up your sleeves to help out with some of the annual maintenance work? If so, then we have a volunteering opportunity here at Smiling Tree Farm that may interest you.

How carbon moooves


Carbon Mooooves

On average each of us humans breathes out 1kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) every day, the larger you are or the more you exercise, the more CO2. So why don’t we consider human metabolism to be a cause of climate change? After all, there are 7.6 billion of us, that’s a lot of CO2 hitting the atmosphere each day.

Calf at foot dairy cows calves


Cow-Calf Dairying, a Pirate's Code #1

When customers come to collect their milk from our farm shop I often take them down to the field to see the cows and calves. When you see them together, it becomes obvious what cow-calf dairying means. 

However, it may not be obvious why calves in the conventional dairy industry are routinely removed from their dam. Why can’t dairy cows, who are selectively bred to produce more milk than their calves need, simply keep their calves and give extra for us humans to drink?

Weaned heifer calves


Cow-Calf Dairying, a Pirate's Code #8


In this post we cover the last couple of steps in the cow-calf dairying system we use here at Smiling Tree Farm, preparing the cows and calves for a stress-free weaning.

Milking without calf suckling


Cow-Calf Dairying, a Pirate's Code #7


When a lamb or calf suckles, they bunt their mum's udder with their heads to stimulate release of more milk. If you are share-milking, as a calf grows this bunting can quickly become so strong that it can easily knock the cluster off the other three teats. So it's a good idea to progress to milking without the calf suckling before this point. In this post we look at how we do this at Smiling Tree...

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