Mob grazing

A presentation on what it is, why you might want to do it, and how we have used it at Smiling Tree Farm to help us achieve our goals.
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Want to learn more about what we do? Find out about regenerative agriculture, keeping a house cow, running a micro-dairy or what's magic about mob-grazing. Visit us at Smiling Tree Farm.

Micro-Dairy Resources

Where to buy all things micro-dairy, including details of the UK's best food safety consultant to help you produce safe raw drinking milk.

Milking SOPs

There is no getting around it, scrupulous hygiene in the milking parlour and bottling room is essential to clean, safe raw drinking milk.

Our consistently excellent milk test results verify that our fastidious attention to detail and cleanliness of our cows is producing safe, uncontaminated raw milk for you to drink.

Read our Standard Operating Procedures to see how we do it.

Soil Health PART 3

Three-part series written for the Country Smallholding magazing in 2019. This third and last part covers how to keep your livestock healthy naturally through good grazing practice and access to diverse pastures and browsing for self-medication.

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