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Grass-fed Raw Milk

Organic raw milk from cow-calf dairies. 100% grass-fed cows who keep their calves & produce the most incredible, nutrient-rich, ethical raw milk.

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Learn more about regenerative agriculture: producing perennial food of fruit, nuts, vegetables as well as meat & dairy in an organic, 100% grass-fed, holistic, polyculture system that combines & replicates forest systems with the natural role of migrating herbivores.

How carbon moooves

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Carbon Mooooves

On average each of us humans breathes out 1kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) every day, the larger you are or the more you exercise, the more CO2. So why don’t we consider human metabolism to be a cause of climate change? After all, there are 7.6 billion of us, that’s a lot of CO2 hitting the atmosphere each day.

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Want to know more? What do we do differently? Why does it matter? Or just want to meet the animals and see how good food can be raised. Then get in touch and arrange a visit. 


A Year in the life

A Year in the life

Farm life revolves around the seasonal cycle. Find out more here what goes on each season, what we have planned over the forthcoming year and when produce is available.

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Get free help and advice on our discussion forum for those wishing to practice low-impact, small-scale, high-welfare dairying aimed at both backyard house cow owners and micro-dairies.