"Eating inextricably influences agriculture." 
Wendell Berry

Whenever you eat, whether you are conscious of it or not, you are directly supporting the farming methods and the industry that produced the food on your plate. For better or for worse, therefore, your food choices influence not only your own health and wellbeing but that of the farm animals and the planet too.

When you choose to eat food from Smiling Tree Farm, you are voting with your fork to support honestly sustainable, high-welfare farming that produces delicious and nutritious food.

Grass-fed grassfed raw milk

Grass-fed raw dairy

We sell specialist nutrient-rich raw milk from A2 Jersey cows milked just once a day.    

Our 100% grass-fed, organic raw dairy is not pasteurised or homogenised.


Grass-fed beef

We sell beef from slowly matured rare-breed Traditional Hereford cattle.

Our 100% grass-fed, organic beef is dry aged for 21-28 days; it is marbled, tender, tasty and nutritious.